Sunday, 20 March 2011

Some Top Tier Combos For You

MF-H Lightning L Drago 90 RF
MF Gravity Perseus R145 RF/R2F/LRF
MF Vulcan Horuseus 85 R2F
MF-H Basalt Aquario BD145 MB - This Is The Heaviest Bey In MFB History. Aquario Should Be Hasbro.

Friday, 18 March 2011

L Drago Destroy

Big Bang Pegasis DX Set

Fang Leone

News About 4D Beys

Bukushin Susanow Lunar Version

Big Bang Pegasis Video
Courtesy : Diamond [World Beyblade Organization]

Hell Kerbecs Frozen/Inferno Version !!!

My Favorite Beyblade's Recolor - Comes With EWD

Mercury Anubis Brave Version

It still has 85 and XF !!!

Bey Basic System

Basalt Horologium

New Pic Of Big Bang Pegasis Bottom

A New Series Is Here

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D (Series 3) is here, according to this Image

According To Some Sources, In This Series, The 3 Main Characters - Gingka, Kyouya And Ryuuga Have New Or Modified Outfit.

L Drago Destroy

And L Drago Destroy -

Fang Leone

Some Of Fang Leone -


A Big Bang Hi !!! Recently Got Pics Of Big Bang Pegasis For A Big Banging Start.